Details About the Course

Details about the Programs (2015)

Commencement of ProgramJun-15Commencement of ProgramJun-15
F1 & F2 (Classes & Exams)Jul-15F1 & F2 (Classes & Exams)Jul-15
F3 & F4 (Classes & Exams)Sep-15F3 & F4 (Classes & Exams)Sep-15
F5 (Exams)Dec-15F5 (Exams)Dec-15
Commencement of TrainingJan-16Commencement of TrainingJan-16
I B Com (Classes & Exams)May-16I B Com (Classes & Exams)May-16
F6 & F7 (Exams)Jun-16F6 & F7 (Exams)Jun-16
F8 & F9 (Exams)Dec-16F8 & F9 (Exams)Dec-16
II B Com (Classes & Exams)May-17II B Com (Classes & Exams)May-17
P1 (Exams)Jun-17P1 (Exams)Jun-17
P2 & P3 (Exams)Dec-17P2 & P3 (Exams)Dec-17
III B Com (Classes & Exams)May-18III B Com (Classes & Exams)May-18
P4 (Exams)Jun-18P4 (Exams)Jun-18
P5 & Ethics (Exams)Dec-18P5 & Ethics (Exams)Dec-18
End of TrainingDec-18End of TrainingDec-18

42 months

48 months

Eligibility: Not less that 75% in CBSE XII any stream or 85% if from other curriculum
Training Window 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018
Classes will be 6.30 am to 9.30. Office from 10.30 to 6.30 pm 6 days a week
Leave 20 days every six months for exam preparation and Exams. Other leave at the discretion of the concerned Audit firm