1. What is FINTEGRATED?

    FINTEGRATED is  one  of  its  kind  proprietary  program  designed  and  developed  by  Greydient  Learning,  a  division  of  Grey Matter Academics (P) Ltd., Chennai.  It is based on the premise “Why settle for one, when learning more can be fun?” and seeks to utilize the 3-year college window in a structured and efficient manner.

  2. What is the eligibility for joining FINTEGRATED?

    Students who have completed their +2 in the Commerce Stream are eligible for joining FINTEGRATED provided they secure over 90% if they are from CBSE/ICSE or over 97% if they are from State Board.

  3. What is the duration of FINTEGRATED?

    FINTEGRATED is a 5 – year program which a student can join immediately after completing his +2 Board Exams.  The program will start in June every year.

  4. What are the courses covered in FINTEGRATED?

    The 5-year program coaches and trains the students to qualify for B. Com, Indian Chartered Accountancy during the first 4 years and ACCA of the UK during the fifth year.

  5. Are the certifications awarded by Grey Matter Academics?

    No. Grey Matter Academics is only an institution that provides scientific training, coaching and mentoring to the students to prepare them for these Professional Finance Certifications.  The CA certification is awarded by ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), the ACCA by the ACCA institute in UK and the B. Com by the University of Madras. Students have to study well and take the examinations of the respective institute or university. Joining FINTEGRATED does not automatically guarantee success in the examinations.

  6. Is it possible to complete both professional courses in the 5-year duration?

    It is perfectly possible to complete the courses included in the program.  FINTEGRATED innovatively takes advantage of the commonalities amongst these courses, eligible exemptions and reduces redundancies across these certifications making this unique program practical.   However, all that is expected is commitment from the students. Students must study well and take the examinations of the respective institute or university.

  7. The CA study is considered very tough and difficult to pass. How does FINTEGRATED propose to overcome this and help the students become successful?

    While we do agree that CA is not easy, we believe that it is not as tough as projected to be for students who have the capability. For that purpose, we insist on certain cut off marks before enrolling students in the Program. With the right amount of hand holding and professional mentoring we are confident that the students would be adequately prepared to meet the exams with confidence and come out successfully.   After all isn’t it a Universal Truth that “Right Processes yield Right Results”.

  8. How can a student pursue ACCA when ICAI has restrained students to do more than one course at a time?

    ICAI restrains students to do more than one course during the period of Articleship only. Our students will be enrolled in ACCA after the completion of Articleship. It is to be noted that ACCA exempts a student who has completed CA Final from the first 9 papers (Fundamental papers). After completing CA final, the student will have to claim exemptions and write 4 papers of the Professional Level which can be completed within nine months of the CA final.

  9. Why does one choose Grey Matter Academics when there are multiple established Coaching Centers available in the market today?

    The main difference between GMA as compared to the other established Coaching Centers is in the methodology of delivery of the course.  With a limited batch size of not more than 50 students in a class (as against 150 to 700 students in a class of others) personal attention and professional mentoring is given to each student to go this program with confidence.  With periodical online and classroom testing the students are evaluated on a continual basis, and timely damage control action is taken to iron out the weaknesses in a student.  With a qualified Student Advisor there is continuous monitoring on their performance and special attention given to weaker students to enable them cope with the demands of the program.

  10. Apart from Coaching Program for these Certifications, what else does FINTEGRATED provide?

    While FINTEGRATED focuses mainly on training the students for Professional Financial Certifications mentioned above, it does not stop with this.  Grey Matter Academics provides assistance and facilitates for placing students a suitable Audit Firm in Chennai. Thereafter, students are periodically counselled during the 3-year training. Classes for CA Final are held twice to facilitate students who may miss classes due to their Audit commitments. In simple terms FINTEGRATED is an End to End Program encompassing all essentials to guide and supervise the metamorphosis of the Student to a Qualified Professional.

  11. Is any stipend payable to students who undergo Articleship?

    Monthly stipend as per the rules of ICAI is payable to the students. A few firms pay higher than the stipulated stipend.

  12. How does FINTEGRATED train the students when they are doing their Articles?

    During their Articles classes for Final are held in the mornings and extra hours during weekends. Their progress will be continuously monitored.  In addition, the students will have to take multiple tests which will evaluate their understanding levels.  Based on their performance in the tests necessary corrective action will be taken.

  13. How is the student trained for B. Com in FINTEGRATED?

    FINTEGRATED appreciates the need for a graduation course for any student and hence has included B. Com in its portfolio.  Students would be trained to take their B.Com from the Madras University Correspondence Course.  The syllabus for B. Com is much easier than CA which will give the students enough confidence to face the B. Com exams. Nevertheless, we will also have classes in core subjects for the students to prepare for the exams.

  14. Is the B Com done through correspondence of the Madras university qualify for further programs like MBA in India and Abroad?

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) in a notification in 2018 clarified that the Degrees or Diplomas or Certificates awarded for programs conducted by the Open and Distance Learning institutions, recognised by the commission, should be treated as corresponding degrees of regular institutions. The Madras University is one of the oldest universities in India under the UGC and any degree obtained through correspondence is recognized. B Com has been included in FINTEGRATED to give our students the stamp of becoming a graduate as all other courses are professional certifications.

  15. What is the background of the Faculty taking classes in FINTEGRATED?

    All members of the Faculty are qualified finance professionals or qualified and experienced tutors with a passion for education.  They have considerable experience in training students for these professional exams and are subject matter experts when it comes to their knowledge on the subjects they deliver.

  16. Can you please elaborate on profile / credentials of the teaching staff?

    Please visit http://www.greydientlearning.com/about-us/faculty/  to give you full information of the existing panel of faculty.

  17. What are the class timings for FINTEGRATED?

    Until the completion of Intermediate, classes will be held in the state of the art facilities for 6 hours a day with regular home assignments and periodical tests.  Students will be mandatorily required to attend 4 hours of study sessions in addition to the classes during the study of Foundation and Intermediate. Once a student completes his Intermediate then he must join his Articles and subsequently the classes will be held during the mornings of week days followed by extended hours on weekends.

  18. What happens if a student does not pass his exam in the first attempt?

    In case a student is not able to pass his exam in the first attempt he will be trained again to take the second attempt.  However, it is pertinent to note that unlike the current system where the standing of the student is known only when the main exam results are declared, in the case of FINTEGRATED there will be periodical tests / exams which will monitor and evaluate the understanding level and the performance of the student from time to time.  Remedial classes will be conducted for students who are not performing satisfactorily to ensure that they catch up with the better performing students at the shortest possible time.

  19. What is the role of a Student Advisor in this program?

    A student advisor is a qualified person who takes ownership of students under his/her custody.   He is  responsible  for  monitoring  the  performance  of the  group  under  his  control  on  a  daily  basis  in  terms  of  whether  they  are  on  for the  classes,  whether  they  are  doing  their  home  assignments  and  online  tests  regularly,  monitor  their  performance  and  discuss  with  the  Instructors  on  how  the  underperforming  students  are  to  be  handled  etc.  In addition the  student  advisor  keeps  the parent  updated  on  the  progress  of  his  ward  periodically  including  his  performance  and  standing  in  the  class.

  20. What is the course fee?

    Kindly contact us at +91 44 24 331 331 or write to us at info@greymatteracademics.com for full information on the course fee.

  21. Will there be any vacation / holidays for the student during the program?

    There will be a minimum of four week break after the Foundation exams and again there will be a one-month holiday after they finish their Intermediate exams.   After a student joins his Articles, his leave entitlements are as per the rules and regulations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

  22. What does the course fee cover?

    The course fee covers all costs related to training (class room and online) of the student for the various certifications that are part of FINTEGRATED and for all levels.  This also periodic mentoring, assessments, tests required to prepare the student for each exam.

  23. What is not covered in FINTEGRATED fees?

    The course fee indicated does not cover cost study materials, stationery, Stay and Food expenses and other out of pocket expenses of the students.  This also does not cover the various registration and exam fees to be paid to the respective Institutes which will have to be paid by the Students under our guidance.

  24. What will be the amount that will be required for incurring on registration and examination fees for Institutes and Universities?

    About Rs. 2.50 lac spread over a period of 5 years should be budgeted towards registration and examination fees for Institutes and Universities.

  25. How will the payment to the Universities and various Institutes for registration and examinations be made by the students? Whether the payment is through Grey Matter Academics or whether student has to pay directly? What assistance will be provided in this regard?

    Grey Matter Academics will be assisting the students to ensure that all payments (registration or for exams) to the institutes/universities are paid well on time. Parents will be informed in time so that they need not have to worry about anything in this connection.

  26. What are the books the students will have to purchase and when? And what would be its cost approximately?

    The concerned university and the institutes provide study materials. In addition, Academy’s study material (if any) as well as access to web enable question bank (mainly for Foundation). We have a library where few copies of various text books are kept for the use of students. Note books will be regularly required.

  27. Are Hostel Accommodations provided by Grey Matter for students?

    At present, Grey Matter Academics provides hostel accommodation and facilities through Ms. Sujatha Ganesh (wife of one of our Directors) exclusively for the students of Grey Matter Academics. She will provide quality accommodation, food and other facilities to the students.

  28. What will be the type of accommodation that will be provided to the students?

    Apartments with Air-conditioned bed rooms will be provided to the students on twin sharing basis.  Each apartment will be self-contained and will have an automatic washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, iron and iron boards for the use of inmates.

  29. Are separate hostel accommodations provided to the Girl Students?

    Separate Hostel accommodations are indeed provided to the girls as indicated above and adequate and appropriate care is taken to give them a homely atmosphere.

  30. What about transportation arrangements from the Hostel to the Classrooms?

    Normally the hostels are close to the institute and hence there will be no need for any separate transportation arrangements.

  31. Is there any resident doctor facility available?

    There are a few doctors very close to our academy and accommodation whose services can be availed by the students whenever there is a need for medical attention.

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